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  • There are two ways to trigger alarm output of indoor station:

    1. Zone alarm :when zone alarm is detected, it will trigger alarm output of indoor station

    2. Calling linkage: when door station or other indoor station calls indoor station, it will trigger alarm output 

  • 1. Add Devices on iVMS-4200

    2. Batch register Indoor station to Door station

  • 1. Add Devices on iVMS-4200

    2. Add Indoor Station to Door Station

    3. Configure the Second lock on the Door Station

  • People Counting is used to calculate the number of people entered or left a certain configured area and form in daily/weekly/monthly/annual reports for analysis. 

  • As for some DVR models which supports Lite Mode, we can enable Lite Mode in the local GUI. I will take how to enable 1080P lite mode as example.

  • This document guide user to recover the password on DVR on local GUI.

  • 1. Connect DVR and Analog PTZ Camera

    2. Parameterkonfiguration

    3. Configuration test

  • To meet customers’ requirement for connecting analog and IP cameras in different rate, Hikvision Turbo HD DVR provide the function of disabling analog channels to expand IP channels. This document is mainly to introduce how to achieve this function.

    Hinweis: 1. Different series device have different abilities of expanding IP channels. You can refer to the file for more details. 2. Disabling one analog channel can expand one IP channels.  

  • To use POS function, both DVR and POS server should be configured and you can configure DVR locally or via iVMS-4200.

  • To use POS function, both DVR and POS server should be configured and you can configure DVR locally or via iVMS-4200.

  • An internet connected device (camera, DVR, NVR) can be configured to be accessed from outside its local network. Using an IP address allocated by the internet provider, the end user is able to connect to this device. Internet services for non-enterprise solutions commonly provide a dynamic IP address to its users. The lack of a static IP address means the user must reconfigure their device connection settings every time a new IP address is allocated. Managing multiple devices will prove difficult if IP addresses are constantly changing. This issue can be solved by using a Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) Service. A fixed address is assigned by the DDNS service provider that can be used to connect to the desired device. The device itself must be configured with the DDNS credentials so that it may automatically update the service with the newly allocated IP address. Through this service, devices under dynamic IP addresses can maintain static addresses. Hikvision products support a number of third party DDNS services in addition to HiDDNS/Hik-Connect. 

  • Heat map is a graphical representation of data represented by colors. The heat map function is usually used to analyze the visit times and dwell time of customers in a configured area.  

  • As for RAID 5, if one HDD is broken, the RAID5 will be in degraded mode, and we can rebuild RAID5 to recover data. If there are two HDDs broken, the RAID5 will be offline. 

  • NVR which supports NFS/iSCSI protocol can add up to 8 * 8T Net HDD including IPSAN or NAS.

    Hinweis: This function can be configured in website and local GUI.

  • The HDD Clone function can be used to copy the hard disk of NVR and back up the hard disk data of NVR. You need to log on NVR local GUI, then go to the Maintenance-HDD OperationHDD to configure.

  • The customer may have the request to save the video record backup.

    Hinweis: This function need more than two hard disks and the redundancy must be used in group mode. 

  • Please use the enterprise-class HDDs in HDD Compatible List for RAID function

  • Currently there are two ways to connect NVR with POS terminals, via network or via serial port. Zum Beispiel: The NVR initiates the connection to the POS server for the POS data communications between POS server camera. 

  • Custom protocol is created by users with RTSP and 554 port. Then, IP cameras can be added to NVR by custom protocol to get naked stream. Hinweis: As for Hikvision cameras, the stream paths are as below. It is enough to fill in one kind of them.