iVMS-4200 V3.11.1.6 & 4200 AC V1.11.0.5


iVMS-4200 series software tools are designed to configure and manage Hikvision devices in a unified and intuitive manner, including DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, IPD, DVS, alarm and access control devices, and storage devices, providing functionalities like live view, playback, device parameter configuration, and more.

  • iVMS-4200
  • iVMS-4200 AC
  • iVMS-4200 Mac

The iVMS-4200 free software is compatible with most Hikvision hardware. It equips users with live video from the camera feed, access control, video intercom, alarms, and data storage.

  • Abundant Modules – Video, access control, attendance, intercom, alarm, E-map, and more.
  • Friendly User Experience and Visual Design – Lightweight, flat UI, and component-based design.
  • Multiple-Languages – 33 languages, including English, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, etc.
iVMS-4200 AC

iVMS-4200 AC Client Software is designed for all your access control needs. The first version comes with powerful access control functions, including time and attendance records, video intercom services, attendance report exporting, status monitoring, real-time alarms, event retrieval, and more.

  • Flexible attendance rule configuration and several attendance report types.
  • Multiple-Languages – 33 languages, including English, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, etc.

The iVMS-4200 Mac version is designed for a Mac system. It features real-time live view, playback, E-Maps, and alarm processing modules. Compatible with Hikvision devices, it meets critical requirements for small-sized projects, such as small supermarkets, apartment buildings, and much more.

Note: iVMS-4200 Mac version does not support access control, video intercom and other non-CCTV products. Supports MacOS 10.12 and above.

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