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Now Hikvision's Turbo HD Cameras family welcomes two brand-new family members: Turbo HD GT PT Cameras and Smart Hybrid Light Cameras.


These pan-tilt cameras make it easier and more cost-effective to cover wider areas with fast panning and tilting speeds. Users can remotely control the camera via DVR or Hik-Connect app and get automatic tracking with AcuSense-powered DVRs to improve security.   


Conventional IR cameras only render black and white images at night, resulting in massive, critical color-related information loss. To resolve this issue, our Smart Hybrid Light Cameras feature smart supplemental lighting with optional IR and visible white lighting. When a target is detected, the white light turns on to not only deter trespassers but also record colorful imaging with key information. When no target appears in the monitoring area, the white light turns off and the IR light turns on, which intelligently reduce light pollution in the area.

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Turbo HD Cameras with ColorVu

Provide colorful imaging 24/7 even in ultra-low-light scenarios

Dòng Value

A cost-effective, video security solution with great durability

Dòng IOT

Detect passive infrared radiation emitted from heat sources

Dòng WebCam

Up to 4K resolution for video conferencing, live streaming and online education

Dòng Pro

Deliver great imaging via UHD technology & ultra low-light technology

Dòng Ultra

Provide ultra-high-performance video imaging for a host of specific needs

Audio & Video Collaboration Solution

Create smart workplaces for any conferencing need with optimal products

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