Unifying essential access & security components for commercial centers of all kinds

At office buildings and shopping malls, all sorts of people come and go all day, every day, alone or in crowds. Customers, employees, deliveries, maintenance personnel, and others create all the hustle and bustle common in commercial centers. The subtle art of keeping everyone safe while guiding personnel, customers and visitors to the right place at the right time poses many challenges.


Fortunately, Hikvision has designed the solutions for applications like this so you don’t have to. We have unified the various elements of access, security, and flow control onto a powerful yet user-friendly platform. Read on to learn more about how we make it all work together, and how we can make it work for you.

Functional solutions


Access control

Hikvision's Access Control Solution achieves rapid passage in daily scenes and provides measures for specialized scenarios with higher security requirements.

Key Technology: Biometric authentication by faces, irises, and fingerprints with deep learning algorithms

Typical Scenarios: Office towers, schools, banks, factories

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Visitor management

Hikvision's Visitor Management Solution provides a vastly improved experience for users and guests by streamlining the entire process.

Key Technology: Self-service reservation, biometric authentication, ANPR

Typical Scenarios: Office towers, industrial parks, residential communities

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Perimeter protection

Hikvision's Perimeter Protection Solution features a variety of the most convenient and reliable choices for the smart defense of perimeters.

Key Technology: Human-and-vehicle classification for accurate trespass alarms and customizable visual-and-auditory warnings

Typical Scenarios: Residential communities, farms, industrial parks, airports

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Vehicle entrance & exit

Hikvision's Entrance & Exit Management Solution identifies passing vehicles automatically, improving parking efficiency and experience while reducing operating costs

Key Technology: Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and vehicle feature identification with AI algorithms

Typical Scenarios: Residential communities, office towers, industrial parks

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Time attendance

Hikvision's Time Attendance Solution uses multiple verification and identification technologies to achieve efficient attendance management

Key Technology:Biometric authentication by faces,irises,and fingerprints with deep learning algorithms 

Typical Scenarios:Office towers,stores,hospitals,factories

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Flow control

Hikvision's People Counting Solution provides intuitive notifications and timely alarms when the number of people in a specified area reaches the preset threshold.

Key Technology: Binocular 3D vision and deep learning algorithms

Typical Scenarios: Shopping malls, museums, train stations, airports

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