What is smooth streaming

Imaging technology and data complexity keep evolving, resulting in footage with higher resolution and frame rates, wider dynamic range, and much richer detail. These conditions open the door for advanced video-based analytics – well, if only we could retrieve the right footage of the right frame, at the right location and time, and with the right quality! In short, the footage should be available for smooth live viewing or playback.

What does Hikvision offer?

Hikvision's Smooth Streaming Technology solution is specifically designed and crafted to address and alleviate these issues.


It is a technology that automatically adjusts the bit rate and resolution under low-data-rate network conditions to ensure fluid viewing of live video. Its self-correcting data processing mechanism solves latency and mosaic problems caused by packet loss or error codes.

Where you can apply it

Smooth streaming technology

Hikvision’s Smooth Streaming Technology can be applied to remedy problems in scenarios with limited bandwidth and complex network topologies.


Smooth streaming products

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