Panoramic security with a single camera


Deploying video-security systems for expansive indoor and outdoor areas such as lobbies, plazas and business parks, has been a complex task, usually requiring multiple cameras for complete monitoring of the entire area.

But now, Hikvision's PanoVu Series Cameras are perfectly designed for such scenarios, enabling wide area coverage with one camera. Users can choose from a variety of camera models to get 180-degree or 360-degree stitched panoramas, have multidirectional views from separate video channels, or zoom in on details with an integrated PTZ lens.

Check out our PanoVu Cameras with unique lens and sensor options and start exploring panoramic security with us today.

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Crystal-clear imaging, stunning clarity

Crystal-clear imaging, stunning clarity

  • 4K resolution gives users a clear and detailed, panoramic visual experience.
  • Some PanoVu models feature 8K definition technology, offering an unprecedented capacity to get more detail from a scene.
Hikvision 8K technology
Minimize expenses, enjoy long-term convenience

Minimize expenses, enjoy long-term convenience

  • Enjoy the benefits of multiple cameras in one unit to save your budget.
  • One cable solution cuts down installation expenses while reducing deployment time.
More intelligence, more applications

More intelligence, more applications

PanoVu cameras feature a wide range of deep-learning functions in panoramic mode, such as:

  • Regional heat mapping
  • Regional people counting
  • Queue management
  • Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) supports for third-party applications
Hikvision Embedded Open Platform 2.0