What is vehicle identification?

Vehicle identification is a technology that identifies vehicles by reading their plate characters and features including color, type, manufacturer, and even travel direction – all automatically with algorithm-embedded cameras at entrances & exits or on the roadways.

What are the benefits of vehicle identification?

The ability to identify vehicles can provide major benefits for local authorities, businesses and a range of other organisations. It becomes possible, for instance, to improve entrance management to schools, offices and factories, or to implement congestion charging strategies in city centres. Vehicle recognition technology also supports a wide range of Traffic Management solutions that keep vehicles moving in busy urban areas, improve road safety and speed up responses to road traffic incidents and offences. As of now, this technology is mainly reflected on vehicle number plate recognition and vehicle feature recognition.

What applications does Hikvision offer?

The Hikvision ANPR application captures a vehicle’s license plate in real time, compares or adds it to a pre-defined list. Once a number plate has been recognised and stored, an appropriate action is taken, such as opening a gate, adding a cost, or generating an alert.


Hikvision’s vehicle recognition feature uses a Deep Learning algorithm to distinguish between small and large vehicles, with the added ability to detect the make, model and colour. The system can be programmed to search for anomalies such as cars travelling in designated bus lanes, or vehicles driving without license plates, for example.

Hikvision’s vehicle identification technology is used every day in various scenarios. See a few examples below.

Which products come equipped with vehicle identification?

Vehicle identification is available in a variety of Hikvision’s products. Click a product below to find out more.



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