Becoming a well-respected global enterprise is our vision, and affords us the self-awareness required to inform our decision-making process as it relates to the ethical application of our technology. Aspiramos a convertirnos en intelectuales del uso de la tecnología para el bien, y a buscar el consenso y la ayuda en diferentes culturas y valores, para que nuestros progresos beneficien a la sociedad en su conjunto. Protegemos la naturaleza, contribuimos con la sociedad y asumimos la responsabilidad social de la empresa, que está comprometida a crear un mundo inteligente repleto de buena voluntad.


Establecer la reputación como una empresa global respetada que valora las acciones en beneficio del medioambiente, la seguridad y armonía en el trabajo y la responsabilidad social.


  • Acciones ecológicas
    We build eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious supply chains for sustainable, long-term operations.
  • Seguridad laboral
    We provide employees with a safe and supportive work environment to protect their well-being.
  • Workplace Harmony
    We create a harmonious atmosphere for employees, protecting their rights and promoting their interests.
  • Social Responsibility
    We integrate social responsibility into our day-to-day operations as an esteemed world-level enterprise.


Advances in Technology

We gain insights as we see far forward, and we go further as we act on such insights. We firmly believe that working intensively on technology, products, and services is the only way to better empower customers, create greater value for customers, improve customer satisfaction, gain the trust of the market, and thereby achieve sustainable development.


Growing Together with Employees

Our success is inseparable from the effort and dedication of our employees. To thrive as a business, we protect the rights and interests of employees, create a comfortable and safe workplace, and improve training and development opportunities. 


Dedicación a proteger el medioambiente

Hikivision strive to strike a balance between our own operational growth and ecosystem protection through ongoing innovation and upgraded business operation modes.


IQNet Ltd

Address: Bollwerk 31 CH-3011 

Bern, Switzerland

Telephone: +41 31 310 24 42