Solution overview

Incidents in tunnels cause a particular headache for road infrastructure managers. An enclosed space proves a challenge in a number of ways – monitoring, evacuation, and getting to an incident. They can also prove natural traffic bottlenecks if not properly managed.

Hikvision offers a complete and professional solution for tunnels in the form of Automatic Incident Detection and Traffic Data Collection. Based on intelligent video processing, the system is able to quickly alert operators about incidents, promptly send notifications of events to Hikvision’s HikCentral Professional software platform and to 3rd party systems. These can then automatically archive event video clips and record relevant statistical data, like vehicle counting, traffic density and traffic flow conditions.

Tunnel surveillance can build up a lot of video information, making it difficult for operator to identify potential or real incidents in time to act. The alarms the system provides in certain circumstances that have been detected make efficient reaction and problem avoidance or solving much easier.


AID system based on front-end server analysis


AID system based on central server analysis


AID system based on camera analysis