When it comes to monitoring multiple sites remotely, two big challenges are integrating systems and reducing false alarms.

Hikvision’s Alarm Receiving Center Solution offers a number of ways to upgrade an Alarm Receiving Centers (ARC), making it more efficient and cost-effective. It can help ARC managers provide an enhanced service remotely, using innovative, scalable technology.

The flexibility of the solution means it can seamlessly manage alerts from both alarm and camera devices, through a number of connection protocols. Essentially, however the ARC is set up, it can be made more efficient, using video verification, virtual guard capabilities and integrated alerts from all kinds of monitoring device.



As part of their daily operations, ARCs need to verify alarms to ensure they don’t waste time reacting to false activations. Cameras on site can provide a visual verification of what triggered an alarm, but operators need to know where to look.


Alert from alarm - HikCentral Gateway VMS Software can automatically pair an alarm with the nearest camera, so it’s easy to see what’s going on and act accordingly. It can integrate alerts from alarm devices, whichever brand they are.


Alert from camera - It can also integrate alerts transcoded from security cameras used as a sensor for motion detection, using industry standard Sur Gard protocol.

This means operators can have live view and playback functionality within reach, rather than consulting different systems, or cross-referencing database files.


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Remote monitoring of a site usually makes it impossible to carry out regular patrols, for example at night and weekends. Virtual Guard gives ARCs the capability to directly monitor and control cameras remotely, using HikCentral VMS. For example, it gives them the ability to move a PTZ camera to track a person at a site they are monitoring. Operators can also manage devices, schedule tasks and view alarm notifications. They can respond to emergency alarms, with each object having a link to a pre-defined emergency contact. All this makes remote patrolling possible, raising efficiency and lowering costs.


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ARCs look after a wide range of customers, and therefore a variety of systems. This means there can be a challenge of connecting them all together. Hikvision recognizes this and provides different methods of connection to an existing system. Essentially, whatever the set up or Hikvision device they use (from AX PRO alarm devices alone to systems with IP cameras, and include Thermal products too.) can be seamlessly integrated into their own ARC management software.

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One thing an ARC usually has a lot of is monitors! Hikvision can help out here too, with a wide range of monitors specifically designed for a monitoring center environment. These seamlessly connect to each other, for instance creating a ‘monitor wall’ of 6 x 55” monitors, so that operators can see better and act faster.

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