What is TandemVu?

Most cameras we see today are static cameras covering a fixed scene, and their fields of view are usually limited. That means cameras can lose sight of things at the edges of their field of view. Conversely, the use of PTZ cameras cannot guarantee a comprehensive view, especially when it starts to pan, tilt, or zoom in to check on moving objects. This is when "blind spots" occur.


But now, TandemVu, Hikvision's next-generation camera design, integrates multiple lenses into one unit to provide the big picture and small details in tandem, boasting reliable and even greater security performance. 

How does TandemVu work?

simultaneous cameras

As its name implies, TandemVu employs two security camera approaches that can be viewed simultaneously. TandemVu Cameras combine two or more lenses into one unit. More specifically, the upper lens is fixed to provide a big picture of the targeted security zone at all times, while the bottom lens can pan, tilt, and/or zoom in on small details. During the zooming process, users will continue to maintain both viewpoints for maximum security with complete situational awareness.