Fire is a huge risk for waste disposal & recycling companies. It often erupts from waste mounds after temperatures have been silently rising for a while, reaching critical temperatures and then lighting up. When that has happened the fire will spread rapidly, making it hard to put douse. The results are not only damage to buildings, operations and the environment, they also include bad reputation and, possibly, revoked licences.


Hikvision offers innovative solutions to:

  • Prevent fire
  • Increase security for staff and local residents


Traditional fire protection systems only sound the alarm once smoke has been detected. At that point it is often already too late to stop the fire, because where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Hikvision’s solution provides the opportunity to measure temperatures using thermal technology. These cameras can sound the alarm once a high temperature is detected (in a waste mound, for example), before there is even any smoke. Sounding the alarm before a fire has erupted gives security staff more time to take action.


By deploying thermal cameras both inside and outside, temperatures can be measured throughout the entire facility. Then, two temperature limits can be configured, which will be the basis for the cameras’ alarms. The first temperature limit is for a ‘pre-alarm’, which will have the camera send a signal once the temperature is higher than normal. The second temperature limit should be configured at a critical temperature, so that it is clear that immediate action is necessary once that alarm is heard. The alarm and pre-alarm can be verified through live images, so that staff has the necessary information to act, even remotely.




Optical & Thermal

Optical & Thermal 

With a Bi-Spectrum camera, optical and thermal images are combined into one camera. The optical image is normally displayed for regular security purposes or verification. The thermal image is used to visualize differences in temperatures. The combination of both images makes it possible to process information quickly, making it ideal for optimal fire prevention.

Excluding Reflection

Excluding Reflection

Sometimes high temperatures are caused by the reflection of the sun. Smart algorithms will check if high temperatures are paired with bright sunlight. The camera will exclude that reflection to eliminate false alarms.


Excluding Vehicles

Excluding Vehicles

Vehicles moving across the facility can generate heat. Smart algorithms will therefore exclude moving vehicles by checking if the heat source is moving across the image. This way the camera can reduce false alarms.