Solution overview

Hikvision offers a comprehensive range of products that collect data, run analyses, and conduct multi-dimensional data fusion. Using devices that are also good for a security system, supermarket managers can now gain a deeper understanding of their customers as a group, observe business patterns, increase operational efficiency, and utilize the right tools to ensure shoppers are happy and buying. With insights into how people move through the store; which products are popular and which need restocking; and the impact of trolley ‘push-out’, supermarkets can thrive in a challenging retail world.



Autonomous store


What we offer


Business analysis


Making decisions to optimize operation requires rich information and the capability to link pieces together. Therefore, integrating online and offline data becomes the key to discover business insights. A number of reports can help managers make the right business decisions for growth, for example:

  •  People Counting Report
  •  People Convert Rate Report
  • Queue Analysis Report
  • ‘Type of Customer’ report

Trolley identification


Supermarkets can suffer from all kinds of shoplifting. One of these is where a shopper ‘runs off’ with a trolley full of goods. Hikvision Trolley Identification provides an alert if a trolley is pushed out of a certain area, for example. The system can count trolleys in and out, and also trigger an alarm (audio warning and pop-up video) if the trolleys pass the entrance in reverse. This technology is useful to prevent people from taking trolleys away from the site. The information also gives managers an insights into how many potential ‘big’ shoppers enter – ie those with trolleys.


Shelfwatch Management Solution


Hikvision has partnered with to create a solution that provides on-shelf availability optimization. This provides an overview of what’s on the shelf, giving managers a flag when a shelf is empty. This reduces labor costs and potential sales loss. It also adds value when it comes to product location planning and remote audits.

Another Hikvision partner, iRetailCheck, provides a combined solution to check if baskets and trolleys are empty or not when leaving the checkout. This stops shoplifters from ‘accidentally’ leaving products in the bottom and not putting them through the checkout.

iRetailCheck has also a self-scan algorithm that checks if people scan all items properly.


HikCentral Professional


Hikvision's security management software for integrating and managing smart video systems. It is designed to meet a variety of video and alarm management challenges on a single platform. The software allows managers to deliver complete business reports and health checks of all connected devices.