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New trends in the service station industry see the transition from regular petrol station to a full service station. EV charging stations are now included in many, meaning customers are staying longer at the station while their vehicles charge. This changes the business concept, making the shop/café area more of a focus for operators and bringing new demands to the whole operation. Business intelligence solutions are also needed, along with an upgrade of more traditional security measures.


In all areas of the service station, from the forecourt to the kiosk and the EV Charging stations, Hikvision video solutions deliver sharp, detailed images in even the most critical situations. The high-resolution systems act as a deterrent against theft, robberies, and vandalism, as well as increasing the value of footage when bringing criminals to justice.

solution advanced map
solution advanced map

What we offer


Customer management


Video technology can be used in various areas of a gas station to monitor and manage its operations.

For example, the flexible high technology of compact ultra HD cameras is perfect for monitoring the service station shop and other areas where cash transactions take place. Thanks to high resolution and WDR, these cameras guarantee crystal clear images even in the awkward mixed light conditions of the shopping area and cash desks.

Data can be combined with that from a POS cash register screen – for example, showing video evidence of a customer with the relevant POS transaction. This can also be useful to solve disputes.

Outside, on the other hand, is mostly about monitoring vehicles. Using ANPR cameras connected to the pumps makes it easy to find unpaid petrol fills. ANPR data can also be matched with the database of known petrol thieves, so they can be closely monitored.

ANPR can also be used for parking detection – to see if people are overstaying, for example.


Safety and security


A Hikvision solution can cover a wide range of security challenges, and can also ensure safety in a potentially dangerous gas station. Various cameras can provide views over the whole site, giving comprehensive security throughout.

There are also operational challenges. For example, EV charging is a potential fire risk, since both the terminal and electric vehicle batteries heat up during charging. Thermal cameras can provide a defense for this, detecting abnormal temperature rises in the station or charging car, and alerting car park operators before a fire actually starts.

When fuel is being delivered, there are strict safety regulations for both ‘ground staff’ and delivery drivers/vehicles. Cameras can be used to check these regulations are being respected - for example, alerting an operator if an employee is not using Personal Protective Equipment. Since fuel is highly combustible, anything creating a spark in this area needs to be removed. Explosion-proof cameras are designed to avoid that, reducing the risks. 


All-in-one management - HikCentral Professional


Hikvision's security management software for integrating and managing smart video systems. It is designed to meet a variety of video and alarm management challenges on a single platform. The software allows managers to deliver complete business reports and health checks of all connected devices.

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