Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), also known as License Plate Recognition (LPR), is a technology that revolutionized traffic enforcement from its early days. It has helped reduce the number of traffic violations and stolen or uninsured vehicles. Now, the technology is finding its way into our everyday lives, from parking management to toll collection and beyond.

How it works

Using optical character recognition (OCR) and video cameras, ANPR captures number plate images, converts them into alphanumeric characters all in less than a second. Users can then cross-reference them with a database of registered vehicles to trigger appropriate actions such as raising a barrier or generating an alarm.

What we offer

Hikvision’s ANPR solution collects comprehensive vehicle information for a wide range of analytics and applications.


Great accuracy & adaptability


Hikvision’s ANPR Cameras feature ≥ 98% recognition accuracy with advanced deep-learning algorithms. This advanced technology reads number plates in over 120 countries and regions. Select models can capture number plates of vehicles traveling at up to 320 km/h and cover multiple lanes.


Operating 24/7 in any weather


Hikvision’s ANPR Cameras read number plates in varying weather conditions on vehicles traveling at varying speeds. Professional low-light imaging ensures ultra-sharp vehicle details in vibrant colors around the clock.


Recognizing more than plates


Hikvision’s ANPR Cameras identify vehicle features such as color, type, and manufacturer, as well as travel direction. These data, together with plate numbers, enable extensive, flexible applications.


Easy installation and maintenance


Hikvision’s ANPR Cameras are easy to install and maintain. Our DeepinView ANPR Dome Camera, for example, features motorized Pan, Tilt, Rotate, and Zoom (PTRZ) movements, allowing users to adjust the camera’s viewing angle remotely at any time.