With a lot of trucks coming and going at a logistics site, and a finite amount of docks available, the whole process needs to be carefully managed. For these sites, efficiency is key, and there are certain challenges to achieving this. These include how to best arrange the entire workflow from truck entry to cargo pickup, and how to allocate resources so that dock platforms are operating efficiently.

With Hikvision’s digital dock platform, all of these questions are conveniently solved through an automated workflow. This uses combined technology from cameras giving ANPR and other identification and the means to monitor the process throughout. All of this information is managed centrally through HikCentral Enterprise VMS, making daily management, reporting, and improvement planning a lot easier.


Fire Prevention


Registration and queuing


An orderly process though the site also helps to make it efficient. The system can provide a centrally managed flow, from registration of the truck as it comes in to check out as it goes on its way.


Operators can see a visual display of the dock status in real time through a centralized platform. A Dock Status Indicator uses color to represent dock status. For example, a red icon and license plate will be shown for docks that are currently busy. If a vehicle parks at the wrong dock, the icon will be yellow; and if the dock is empty, a green indicator will be shown.


It’s also possible to view operational status remotely using the system by clicking the dock icon to play back videos on that dock.

Fire Prevention


Loading and unloading management


With efficiency a key driver for logistics sites, processes that can save time are key. Cameras outside the dock entrance can check various details about the truck occupying it, saving time for operators. Instead of having to manually find the information, the system has it already, based on the information brought up by the smart camera’s ANPR. Cameras place inside the dock also provide a view of the dock and trailer, providing video evidence of loading or unloading. For example, imagine unloading a truck with 34 pallets and one of them is damaged or some goods are missing. By linking the metadata during scanning, you can assign the images to the unloading process with time and ramp information. These pictures can also be provided to the sender for later proof of the condition of the goods.


LED screens can also be added to the system to show clearly dock number and whether it’s occupied or not, further streamlining the site.

Fire Prevention

Dock management dashboard


With so much going on, a statistical overview of the entire operation on site comes in very use for site managers. The Dock Management Dashboard can provide:


  • Real-time overall dock and truck status
  • Company throughput ranking and operational efficiency, to show the full operation efficiency picture of a delivery company, including historical averages of wait and rest times during loading and unloading. This helps aid improvement recommendations to site processes.
  •  Dock improvement efficiency, to help managers understands the efficiency across the whole site, including detailed dock performance data and operational efficiency trends.


Fulfillment Center

Manufacturing supply chain

Distribution Center

Retail warehouse


  • 4MP DeepinView ANPR Moto Varifocal Bullet Camera - iDS-2CD7A46G0/P-IZHS(Y)
      • ANPR
      • Dock Occupation Detection
      • Driving in and out detection
      • Rear door status detection
      • Automatic LED light control.
  • 2 MP ANPR IR Intelligent Entrance Video Unit - DS-TCG227(-IR)
      • 3.1 to 9mm motorized vari-focal lens
      • Support relay output to control vehicle barrier
      • Support dirty license plate recognition
      • Support quick pass of multiple vehicles
      • Support vehicle type, vehicle color and vehicle brand recognition.
  • HikCentral Enterprise - Industrial
      • Designed for industrial and logistics applications
      • Built around ‘Internet of Things’
      • Improves production/process efficiency
      • Centralizes data, making analysis easy
      • Easily integrated into 3rd Party systems.


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