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Remote maintenance and status monitoring


Hik-ProConnect is a convergent, cloud-based solution designed for security service providers.


No matter installation or maintenance, with Hik-ProConnect in place, security teams can manage multiple sites with power and efficiency. It creates streamlined operational workflow and powerful remote maintenance capability, which help a lot to reduce truck rolls.


Our service partners can now easily provide professional, customized cloud-based hosting services to their customers, using one single and reliable platform.


Visit Hik-ProConnect website portal and become a service provider now:



Remote maintenance and status monitoring


Security service providers can:


  • Monitor the system health status of multiple sites – even resolving problems – remotely, using a simple and reliable platform
  • Proactively identify site issues and resolve most of them even before end-users notice
  • Create a more efficient workflow, providing quality services to end-users and reducing site visits and costs
Remote maintenance and status monitoring
Converged physical security devices


Converged physical security devices


The Hik-ProConnect solution:


  • Allows various Hikvision devices – including cameras, recorders, security control panel, access control and video intercom devices, and doorbells – to converge and work together as one system
  • Enables security service providers to flexibly set rules for event types, time schedules and triggered actions according to customers’ specific security needs
  • Enables end-users can get notifications and view events with video clips using the Hik-Connect app


Subscription-based plans for recurring revenue

With Hik-ProConnect, security service providers can:


  • Offer subscription packages to end-users to create recurring revenue
  • Customize services to end-users and expand conventional video and alarm sales and services into areas such as access control, intercoms, and smart doorbells
  • Expand their business scope in the future as the platform expands and enjoy benefits such as cloud storage
Subscription-based plans for recurring revenue


Employee & Permission Management




Guaranteed System Security