Elevator Master Controller

  • Master elevator controller
  • Control 128 floors' permissions
  • 20,000 cards and 50,000 events storage
  • Uplink Communication: TCP/IP and RS-485
  • Multiple authentication modes
  • Configure and manage device via web client and client software
  • Watchdog and tamper-proof function
  • Accessible Card Reader: 2 Wiegand readers or 2 RS485 readers

Available models:



  • Rozhraní zařízení
  • KomunikaceTCP/IP;RS-485, and Wiegand
  • Vstupní rozhraní1 Panic Button; 1 Fire Alarm Button; 1 Maintenance Button
  • Výstupní rozhraní5 Relay Outputs
  • Internal ClockSupport
  • RTCSupport
  • Všeobecné
  • Pracovní teplota-40°F to 158°F
  • Pracovní vlhkost0% to 90% (No Condensation)
  • Zdroj napájení12 VDC±15%
  • InstalaceGuide Rail Installation
  • Dimensions167(L)mm*105(W)mm*30(H)mm
  • Systémový parametr
  • Procesor32 bit
  • IndikátorPower On: Solid Green,Running Properly: Flashing Green,Running Exception: Solid Red,Serial Port Not Communicating: Off,Serial Port Communicating: Solid Green,Relay NC: Off,Relay NO: Solid Green,Network Disconnected: Off,Network Cable Connected: Solid Yellow, Flashing Green,Network Armed: Solid Yellow, Flashing Green,
  • Card readerUp to 2 RS-485 Card Readers or 2 Wiegand Card Readers


*For better user experience, we highly recommend you to update your device to the latest firmware asap.

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