Chytrý Thermal Design Tool najde správnou kameru pro správné místo

Smart Thermal Design Tool finds the right camera for the right place

Hikvision has launched a new online Thermal Design Tool to help distributors, integrators and end-users to find the right thermal camera for the right position in their solution.


The free tool streamlines the process of designing a solution and preparing a quote. Use of online GIS map data gives accurate data that provides the correct scale, so frustrating scale issues are avoided. Importantly, it saves time because there’s no need to use a map manually and adjust field of view to make the right calculation. The Thermal Design Tool automates all of this. If map data is not yet available for a site, the tool will still be able to provide a 2D version.


The tool creates a professional report quickly, which makes a technical solution very clear and easy to reference. This also means it can be used to present to a customer. Adjustment of plans can be done quickly to meet the customer’s needs, and the impact of any change is easy to see immediately.


This will come into its own for solutions involving perimeter protection. It is also useful in scenarios which warrant cameras with fire detection (for example forest fires) and fire prevention with temperature measurement.


“Our new Thermal Design Tool takes the hassle out of designing a thermal solution, making it quicker and simpler to build a solution and to quote”, says Franck Carette, Thermal Product Manager for Hikvision Europe. “Because the tool is now online, there’s no need to install or update anything. This will make it a handy tool for installers and end-users alike.”


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