Hikvision ends successful year in Europe and globally

Hikvision ends successful year in Europe and globally



Hikvision ends a successful 2017, the first full year in its new headquarters in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, with growth in sales and its employee workforce. Further plans for expansion are under way.


Globally, Hikvision is also showing strong growth. For the fiscal year financial preview, Hikvision has reported 31.19% year-on-year revenue growth and total operating profits up by nearly 50%. The company’s excellent financial performance in 2017 was founded on major investments in R&D, enhanced management capabilities; and initiatives to improve operational efficiency. For more information on the 2017 fiscal year financial preview report, please click here.


Despite Hikvision’s major investment in the Netherlands in 2016, with its new head office opening in Hoofddorp in June, the premises are already proving to be near capacity. “With the success of our new product lines and the growing interest in the thermal and deep learning product families, we have been very fortunate to expand our employee base at an accelerated pace”, explains Derek Yang, General Manager at Hikvision Europe. With 73 new employees joining Hikvision’s teams in 2017, Hikvision has seen a very strong year in its investment in people.


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