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Oil and gas companies carry out a large number of risky activities every day, such as equipment inspection and maintenance, lifting operations, and fire work. To this end, personnel safety and operational compliance is the premise to everything. Hikvision provides oil & gas companies with AI-enabled tools to manage and mitigate health and safety risks, and also minimize environmental impact with regulatory compliance by adopting real-time and remote monitoring 24/7.

Personnel protection


PPE detection


Requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – the protective-wear that ensures worker safety – is a must in these industries. But enforcement can be a challenge across the worksite. Remote PPE checks intelligently use video imaging to help managers ensure employees are wearing helmets and other PPE, which could mean the difference between life and death in hazardous environments.


Safe distance management


Safe distance warning alerts notify supervisors when their employees get too close to dangerous or restricted areas, or when someone breaches the HSE rules. 


Abnormal activity monitoring


Abnormal activity monitoring detects and responds fast to emergencies and hazardous events that may threaten worker safety, such as falling down, running, unauthorized gathering, and more. 

Streamlined remote supervision


Field operation supervision


Field Operation Supervision plays a critical role in high risk operations such as maintenance, repairs, and all the various labor-intensive processes.


Our solution offers a powerful, efficient alternative to real-time monitoring realized by on-site Hikvision cameras for particular spots and Portable PTZ or Body-Worn Cameras for on-going operations. These cameras with AI-powered analytics help identify non-compliant practices, thus building a closed-loop management system covering accurate warning alerts, tasks dispatching and handling before closing the review requests. This streamlines the whole safety supervision process and ensures operational safety and compliance. 

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