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Hikvision's Smart Retail Solution also features digital signage designed for the retailers to increase foot traffic, engage with customers, announce events and promotions, display and update product information, and deliver a dynamic and immersive shopping experience.


Impress customers with attractive and creative visuals


Catch the public's eye and pull foot traffic into your shopping mall or retail store with attractive content on fine-pitch video walls in various sizes. Along with high-resolution, customizable displays and 3D visual effects, you can also install Hikvision's innovative transparent LED displays to create amazing visual content that appears to float! Whether you want to provide an impressive welcome to customers or showcase your most popular products, you can find a perfect display solution for your storefront with us.


Elevate the shopping experience and expand customer touchpoints with visual interaction


Hikvision's flexible, customizable LED displays can be placed at the ideal position to help you engage and entertain your on-site customers. Use the displays to show hot products, update seasonal menus, announce sales promotions, inform public health policies, and many more. You can even showcase your social media feeds on an in-store display to provide a lovely connection to your online marketing campaign. Boost your profits by elevating the customer experience as they make their way through your store, ensuring that every step of their journey is impressive, delightful, and optimized for conversion. 


Manage your displays and content on one platform, anywhere you might be


Enjoy the flexibility to create, display, and renew design content including advertisements and menus with a library of free templates provided by Hikvision's HikCentral platform. On HikCentral, you can remotely manage all the displays across your store, and release and schedule contents from virtually anywhere.

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