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All of Hikvision' s Turbo HD GT DVRs are now powered by Motion Detection 2.0, which detects human beings and vehicles through each analog channel to focus on real security threats. Users can quickly search video footage based on the appearances of persons or vehicles during a specific period of time. The DVRs with AcuSense technology are capable of video content analysis (VCA) designed to narrow down the monitoring scope in perimeter protection and face detection and comparison to provide more detailed results.


What' s more, Hikvision brings an all-new eDVR series to the market. Thanks to Hikvision' s embedded solid state drive technology, the eDVR Series consumes less power than ever, greatly reducing your costs and time. 

Explore More Benefits of eDVR Series

Whether you' re upgrading a legacy analog security system or installing a brand new one, you' ll find a perfect match that suits your specific needs right here.

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Categorias de produtos

Pro Series com AcuSense

Detect humans & vehicles and search fast with deep learning technology

Série Valor

Cost-effective with HD encoding ability and great durability

Back-end Accessories

High-quality products to help make monitoring easier and more efficient

Série Ultra

For up to 32 channels of analog cameras with strong hybrid access capability

Série Especial

Multi-channel analyses based on certain behaviors for banking security

Série eDVR

Offer higher quality with great duarability and energy-efficiency


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