Touchless Temperature Screening & Mask Detection

Customer Experience and Safety

  • Hikvision’s touchless temperature screening thermographic cameras are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures and mask wearing status at entrances, prompting further actions and suitable guidance.


Touch-Free Skin-Surface Temperature & Mask Detection

  • High accuracy touch-free skin-surface temperature and mask detection, without the need for close physical contact.
  • Fast temperature screening with elevated temperature alarm (pop-up image/audio warning).

ATM Area

Behaviour Analysis

Deepin Mind NVR

  • Based on deep learning algorithms, Behavior Analysis NVR supports the detection of loitering, People gathering, Violent motion and timely triggers alarms, which can effectively improve the security of various places.


Facial recognition & monitoring abnormal temperature

Need to Recognise a VIP from your Branch?

  • Hikvision’s DeepinView cameras are designed to detect human faces and carry out facial comparisons. This specific service treatment enables a VIP to enjoy the exclusive and considerate experience as soon as they arrive.


Fast Human Face Capture and VIP Recognition

  • High facial recognition accuracy with deep learning technology.
  • Faces of all types from around the world are supported.


Multi-Directional Monitoring

Full Coverage in Multiple Directions

  • Four adjustable lenses in one camera cover up to a 360° field of view, ensuring there are no monitoring blindspots. The monitoring tilt angle can also be adjusted.


Fast Human Face Capture and VIP Recognition

  • Adjustable lenses in one camera cover up to a 360° field of view; both two direction and four direction options are available.
  • Each lens can be zoomed in/out separately to monitor both the whole area and examine details.


Indoor Panoramic Monitoring

Capture 360° Images

  • Hikvision’s PanoVu DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 PanoVu Mini-Series Network PTZ camera, with integrated panoramic and PTZ cameras, is able to capture 360° images with its panoramic cameras, as well as detailed close-up images with the PTZ camera.


Mini Pano-Vu Camera

  • 3 lenses in one camera cover up to a 360° field of view, ensuring zero monitoring blind spots.
  • Panoramic cameras link to the PTZ to capture the whole area and zoom into details.
  • Mini size design is ideal for discreet indoor applications.


Protect Storage Room Environments and Assets 


Access Control

  • Supports card, fingerprint, face authentication modes, all in one terminal.
  • Built-in card reader, for easy installation.
  • Cross-system linkage between CCTV and access control provides situational awareness.

Meeting Room

Smart Monitoring


Interactive Display

  • Easy projection, convenient sharing and flexible comment contributes for a more efficient meeting.


Fisheye Monitoring

  • Various expansion modes to present the panoramic view in conventional way of displaying.
  • High definition provides good image and details.
  • Fewer cameras means less installation and reduced labor cost

Control Room

Central Video Monitoring and Alarm Management



  • HikCentral is completely centralized to achieve vast integration capabilities and deliver more powerful solutions.
  • When there is abnormal event, alarm can guide you to the related video, picture and its location (map), which helps you check what and where it’s happening.
  • Ensures your surveillance system operating normally.
  • Improves the efficiency of system maintenance instead of checking by manpower.

Car Park

PTZ Monitoring


DarkFighter PTZ

  • Hikvision DarkFighter PTZ cameras process colour and brightness independently, outputting one FULL-COLOUR image;
  • Efficient H.265 compression technology saves on bandwidth and storage.
  • Monitor parking spaces to provide evidence in the event of incidents such as vehicle accidents, thefts, and more.


Vehicle Management

  • Vehicle number time-based analysis shows how busy the car park is in different times.
  • Vehicle overstaying alarm gives real-time notification to staff when any vehicle has parked longer than it’s allowed.

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