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Hikvision's new PT Cameras Pan and Tilt as users direct on their Hik-Connect mobile app, enabling remote and easy adjustment of camera viewing angles whenever they want.

Why PT Cameras?

The PT camera system coverage for the neglected corners

Motorized panning and tilting expand coverage

Do you have blind spots that your security camera can't easily cover?

With Hikvision PT cameras' vertical and horizontal rotation, you can now enjoy greatly expanded video coverage for the otherwise neglected corners. With the PT camera system, you may also zoom in on detail near and far on the Hik-Connect app.

Change the Hikvision camera's view freely

Helping to cover more with less

Being able to change the Hikvision PT camera's view freely gives you the flexibility to apply the same camera for various purposes as your needs change over time.

For example, a PT camera facing a store cashier during business hours can be rotated to face the store entrance for trespass detection when the store is closed.

Hikvision PT cameras minimize your installer's efforts

Minimize your installer's efforts – and charges

Hikvision PT cameras feature a versatile bracket that allows installers to mount the camera easily on a pole, a ceiling, or a wall.

Whenever you want to tweak the camera angle, you can do it yourself on the Hik-Connect app, with no need for on-site adjustment by an installer again. 

Hikvision's PTZ cameras can be within reach through the Hik-Connect app

Stay connected, stay informed

Your PT cameras are always within reach through the Hik-Connect app, allowing you to change camera views, check live video feeds, get event notifications, communicate remotely with two-way audio, and more.

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