As a critical part of Hikvision’s intelligent traffic systems, checkpoints provide key data on traffic flow and violations. These flexible tools create an intelligent network that weaves the whole roadmap together for maximum insight and administration of traffic.


Whenever a vehicle passes through an ITS-equipped checkpoint, the camera captures an optimized image of the vehicle. And information such as license plate number, vehicle type, vehicle color, and radar-detected vehicle speed will be overlaid onto the captured image. The image capture rate, license plate recognition rate, and vehicle feature extraction accuracy are all guaranteed by field-proven Deep Learning algorithms, along with powerful GMOS sensors featuring better imaging than conventional ANPR camera sensors.


Moreover, a checkpoint camera can detect unsafe driving behaviors such as driving with an unfastened seatbelt and phone use while driving, which will help regulate driving behaviors and improve public safety.


Checkpoint Capture Units

It is designed for application in urban roads and expressways. When a vehicle passes through, information such as license plate, vehicle type, vehicle color and radar-detected vehicle speed will be collected and utilized for further application.

Flash Supplement Lights

Flash Supplement Lights are to be combined with the checkpoint/intersection violation system. They provide light for snapping frames in addition to the cameras' recordings.  


The Radar is used to measure the speed of vehicles and provides speed results to cameras.

Strobe Supplement Lights

The Strobe Light can provide light for capturing video frames of the checkpoint/intersection violation unit and increase the brightness of the target area.