What we offer

Efficient, accurate, agile and standalone perimeter protection solutions, providing the most convenient and reliable choices for the perimeter arming in various scenarios

Key technology


AcuSense technology

AcuSense is an intelligent video analysis technology based on deep learning algorithms, which detects targets and classifies them into humans, vehicles, and others. It helps produce reliable alarms for users.


HeatPro series

HeatPro series thermal cameras adopt VCA 2.0 to produce reliable alarms for users. VCA 2.0 is an intelligent video content analysis technology based on deep learning algorithms, which detects targets and classifies them as humans and vehicles, while filtering the others.

  • Short perimeters
  • Medium Perimeters
  • Long Perimeters

Creates an effective line of defense, detects critical targets, issues instant alerts, and deters intruders with visual and auditory warnings.



  • Active deterrence to prevent loss
  • Instant notifications on mobile devices for quick problem handling
  • Accurate detection to help security personnel focus on true threats


Captures every detail and misses not a single event for further investigations.



  • Advanced accuracy for high security requirements (Thermal / Radar) 
  • Excellent adaptability, easy to deploy and control (PTZ linkage)
  • Consistent, clear video footage for easier post-event investigations (PTZ auto tracking)
  • All-weather target detection, reducing labor costs
  • High-powered loudspeaker for effective deterrence


Captures every detail and misses not a single event for further investigations



  • Highly sensitive identification and response
  • Effective deterrence to prevent loss
  • Efficient video retrieval with human and vehicle labels to save time 
  • 24/7 comprehensive monitoring
Object detection by deep learning

Deep Learning Series Products

Equipped with advanced algorithms, Hikvision’s Deep Learning Series products – including DeepinView network cameras, DeepinMind NVRs, AcuSense network cameras, and NVRs – offer sophisticated alarm activation by distinguishing people and vehicles from other moving objects, such as leaves, raindrops, shadows, and more. Today, a security staff can focus on real threats, saving time and manpower.

  • False alarm reduction with higher accuracy 
  • Quick target search
  • Round-the-clock high resolution images
  • Easy deployment and installation

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Thermal camera for perimeter protection

Thermal Cameras

Installing thermal imaging cameras on a perimeter can provide a highly-effective technology tool for advanced detection, spotting intruders in adverse weather conditions such as fog, smog, rain and snow, and long after daylight has passed.


  • Environmental adaptability
  • Thermometric detection beyond the visible spectrum  
  • Longer detection range 

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