Challenges for delivery companies: 
Delivery companies struggle to keep up with the rapid development of an express market.

Hikvision solutions:  
High facial recognition accuracy with deep learning technology. Faces of all types from around the world are supported.



  • Delivery companies need to check video evidence quickly when the disputed parcels or damaged/loss parcels occur to enhance customer service levels.
  • The shipment and sorting process for in-coming parcels is mostly handled by manpower. Additionally, dispatch centers with handheld scanners fail to sort parcels quickly. The operation efficiency needs to be improved as the express industry increases.


  • Combined CCTV system with code reading set: This parcel tracking solution is able to record the inbound and outbound time of parcels. If a parcel does not appear after a specific time, it will generate an alarm to notify the operator.


  • Compared with a handheld scanner, the Parcel Tracking Solution  greatly improves the efficiency of dispatching. Additionally, the multi-type DWS system is able to calculate the weight and subsequent charge for parcels automatically.

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