All the video streams from different areas will transmit to the control room and display on the video wall. Operators can receive all of them as live view streams. However, due to limited manpower, it is imperative for the operators to have an easy-to-use VMS platform to efficiently monitor a large number of cameras and spot incidents swiftly.


HikCentral control room solution provides different strategies to meet these requirements and largely improve operators’ efficiency.




Flexible Monitoring and Accommodating a Low Bandwidth Scenario


Auto/Manual Switch of Stream Type

  • Stream type automatically switched between main and sub according on the self-defined threshold of screen splits to save bandwidth.
  • Manual switch also applicable for exceptional case.


Screen Split and Roaming

  • Video wall supports 4/9/16/25 window split display mode, operators monitor video wall daily.
  • Operator creates a roaming window to display the key area.


Keyboard Control

  • Operators choose to display any surveillance channels by PC keyboard, USB keyboard, network keyboard.

Alarm Pop-Up Onto Smart Wall.

As there are too many streams on smart wall, it’s hard for the operators to focus on all of them. So, when some cameras trigger an alarm, it is really hard for operators to be aware of the event. To solve this problem, this solution provides alarm pop up functions.


Alarm Notification

  • Option1: Once alarm is triggered, the related camera stream will pop up on video wall and cover the whole screen to give an obvious alarm notification.
  • Option2: Once alarm is triggered, related camera and nearby cameras will pop up on video wall.


Alarm Handling

  • Operators receive alarm and double check via live view. Once alarm is handled, the pop-up alarm video will disappear.