HikCentral Professional provides a dedicated ARC solution for customers according to their project requirements and service agreements with end users. The solution is primarily comprised of two parts which are dependent on their relevant software license level: Alarm Receiving & Handling; and Remote Video Patrol (also known as virtual guard tours). Each requires a dedicated software plugin and relevant license that will be listed in the product showcase section.


Easy Device Connection and Viewing

Multiple Device Adding Methods

The end user sites may be widely geographically distributed. There are several ways to add these devices on HikCentral, including:

  • SUP via 3G/4G mobile networks
  • Domain name by DDNS
  • LAN IP address

Multiple Alarm Distribution Modes


There are two operators on duty in the ARC center


Average Distribution Mode: Alarms are evenly distributed to each operator so they handle the same number of alarms. 


Site Preempt Mode: One operator will receive any and all subsequent alarms from the same site. The site will be temporarily locked so that only the current operator can handle those alarms


Alarm View and Aggregation


Alarm View:

  • Automatically displays the alarm-related video and shows the number of the same alarm repeatedly triggered during a pre-configured timeframe.
  • Once the alarm is handled, the video is automatically stopped.


Alarm Aggregation:

  • Displays the number of alarms repeatedly triggered during a pre-configured timeframe, as well as video and a map of the alarm location.

Paperless Alarm Handling SOP and Forwarding


Alarm SOP:

  • Supervisor designs flexible SOP according to end user site characteristics
  • Operator handles alarms step by step
  • Full audit trail of alarm handling process
  • Alarm can be forwarded to other online users for further processing

Operator Working Efficiency Statistics


Average Acknowledgement Time Report

  • Shows the average time each operator spent in handling an alarm


Different Alarm User Report

  • Shows number of alarms that each operator handles during the selected period.



Alarm Type & Status Statistics for Each Site


Alarm Type Ratio Report

  • Shows ratio and number of alarms from a specific site by category, such as True, False, Unhandled etc


Different Alarm Type Report

  • Shows number of alarms by alarm type, such as intrusion, line crossing, etc



Alarm Analysis Overview



  • Report shows total number of alarms sent to ARC during the last 7 days or 30 days
  • Also shows the top 5 alarm types which occurred today or during the last 7 or 30 days
  • As well as the top 5 sites with alarms triggered today or during the last 7 or 30 days

Customised Patrol SOP for Different Sites



  • Supports configuring site name, address, contact information and hyperlink of other system/CRM for operator viewing
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for patrol/guard tour. Patrol history/record for manager review
  • Provides a customised record data retention period of up to 3 years

Patrol Task Configuration & Allocation



  • Two patrol modes for different scenarios
  • Mandatory Mode requires an operator to view each camera for a certain time (preconfigured for minimum patrol time on each camera) before finishing the task
  • Sweeping Mode allows the operator to finish the task after having a sweeping glance of all cameras
  • Task allocated by role rather than each individual user account, so that all users with the same role can receive the task
  • Only a user with permission can view/edit/delete/add configuration



  • The task timetable uses different colours to show the number of existing tasks so that a manager can easily find the correct patrol time and avoid too many tasks being allocated in the same period
  • Tasks can be set to different times on different days and repeated on a weekly basis

Patrol Task List


Task List

  • Patrol tasks are automatically displayed on the Control Client for the operator when they fall within the patrol time
  • When one operator accepts the task, it is automatically locked so that no other operator can attempt to take the same task
  • After the task is completed, it is automatically cleared from the task list
  • Up to 2000 tasks can be displayed in the list

Task in Mandatory Mode


Mandatory Mode

  • SOP and site information is listed for the operator’s reference as well as hyperlink to other systems or pages to view further guidance
  • A progress bar is viewable at the top of the screen when the cursor hovers over an image, to indicate the current patrol status for each camera
  • Patrol results for each camera can be marked by clicking green icon for Normal or red icon for Abnormal
  • Map available in the top left corner to aid operator situational understanding
  • Supports up to 16 cameras in a single patrol task

Task in Sweeping Mode


Sweeping Mode

  • SOP and site information is listed for operator reference as well as hyperlinks to other systems or pages to view further guidance
  • A minimum patrol time for each camera is not required. Finish button automatically becomes clickable only after all cameras have been viewed
  • The operator must click the next page button and view all cameras if there is more than one page
  • Supports up to 16 cameras in one single patrol task

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