Hikvision License Activation


Thanks for activating/deactivating Hikvision software license by offline mode. Please note that Hikvision license management system has been upgraded since March, 2020.


For the software versions released after the Hikvision license system upgrade, including HikCentral Pro v1.5.1 and above, pStor v1.4.1 and above, iVMS-5200 Mobile v1.1.4, they all support new license management and please use the following link for offline activation/deactivation:


For older software version, including HikCentral Pro v1.5.0 and below, pStor v1.4.0 and below, iVMS-5200 Professional, iVMS-5200 Mobile v1.1.3 and below, the license does not support offline activation/deactivation. You would need to upgrade the software to the latest supported version or install the license patch before any license operation. The latest version and license patch for the HikCentral Pro can be found via the link: https://www.hikvision.com/uk/support/download/software/hikcentral-professional-v2-0/


If you have any questions, please contact Hikvision local technical support team.

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