In this course, we inform you in six lectures about cybersecurity within the security industry. The first lecture explains the terms cybersecurity and computer hacking, followed by a second lecture about product cybersecurity. The third lecture addresses vulnerabilities and explains vulnerability management within the security industry. The fourth lecture shows how to hack an IP camera and what to do to prevent this. The fifth lecture explains the privacy perspective within the security industry and the final lecture concludes with a session on how to implement cybersecurity in practice.


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Lecture 1: Introduction to Cybersecurity

This lecture explains the terms cybersecurity and computer hacking. It also provides an introduction to software vulnerabilities within the security industry. This lecture forms the foundation and sets the scene for the rest of the course.

Lecture 2: Product Cybersecurity

This lecture explains product cybersecurity and decribes how ‘Secure-by-Design’ can be implemented in the production process of a security camera. This lecture leverages the cybersecurity built-in capabilities of a Hikvision product.

Lecture 3: Vulnerabilities

This lecture explains the term ‘computer vulnerabilities’. This lecture discusses what are vulnerabilities, how are vulnerabilities found and how are vulnerabilities made public. It also shows the importance of good vulnerability management in today’s security world.

Lecture 4: Tips & Tricks from an Ethical Hacker

In this lecture, a well-known ethical hacker describes the configuration and software vulnerabilities of a camera and how they could be exploited. During this lecture tips will be provided how to prevent these computer penetrations.

Lecture 5: Privacy & Compliance

This lecture provides an overview of the current privacy legislation (GDPR), which is applicable to the security industry. It shows the different privacy responsibilities for the customer/end-user, installer and manufacturer of security cameras and provide guidance how to deal with privacy in certain use cases.

Lecture 6: Security in Practice

This lecture shows how the previous lectures can be implemented in practice. This lecture shows the cybersecurity risks towards a security camera and which security settings are build-in into the products that can be applied to counter the cybersecurity risks.

Lecture 7:Hik-Connect Security Overview

Hik-Connect security overview This lecture is an overview of Hik-Connect’s security compliance, and explanation of what types of data is stored in local regions. We also focus on what Hikvision has done to keep products safe and what installers and System Integrators need to consider when designing, implementing, and securing security systems.

March 07, 2024
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