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The Hikvision Graduate Programme provides Hikvision with the opportunity to work with the UK’s best and brightest young minds. It gives you the chance to explore your potential in a supportive and dynamic environment with encouragement to advance and improve through ongoing training and development.


Embrace the possibilities offered by working with the very latest technology on projects that make a genuine impact in peoples’ lives. Find out just what you can achieve, and discover who you can be with Hikvision.


Explore the world with Hikvison's Graduate Programme. Your journey starts here.


See far, Go further.


We are looking for university students graduating between 2020 and 2021. Please send your CV to

(Closing Date: 31 October 2020)


Meet with our CEO, Hiring Managers and the HR team of Hikvision UK on 22 October 2020.  To take part in the boarding process, please register here.



After a successful check-in and boarding process, you will then go through the departure process. This stage includes the following:

CV Screening
Group Exercise
Online Assessment
Position Function Region / country Application deadline