Hikvision Web Services Alternative Strategies

1 Overview

Microsoft has stopped supporting Internet Explorer after the release of Windows 11 operating system at the end of 2021, and Hikvision devices are facing the issue that they can no longer use Internet Explorer to implement web video services.


In response to this, our strategy is to use mainstream browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox to replace IE browser to use web video service.


Specifically, we provide the following three solutions: no plug-in service, local service and IE compatibility mode in Edge browser. In addition, we still support IE plug-in service, so if you do not upgrade to Windows 11, you can continue to use IE plug-in solution.



2 Current solution

2.1 No plug-in service

a) Content       

The no plug-in service solution is characterized by no installation, and can be used by logging in to the browser. Relatively complete support for video functions and small storage space requirements for devices; built-in device for the program; poor support for HD and splicing products; suitable for scenarios with limited storage space, strong demand for complete video functions and no strong demand for HD preview.


b) Installation method



2.2 Local service

a) Content

The most fully supported features, consistent with the IE plug-in, but the installation package is a bit heavy compare to IE plug-in solution, suitable for devices with sufficient storage space, and the software has a strong demand for HD preview, full video features of the scene, you need to download the local service resources and install to the browser to use properly.


b) Installation method

The download and installation process is almost the same as the IE plug-in. Login to the web side of the device in the browser and click the Download Plug-in button in the upper right corner of the preview screen to download the local service feature. Unlike the IE plug-in service, due to the current hardware capacity limitation, using the local service requires the device to have access to the external network.



If you cannot use external network, and want to use local service, you can go to our official website to download the local service resource package and install it on your computers, the download link is as follows.



2.3 Enable IE compatibility mode in Edge

a) Content

If you can continue to use IE plug-in service by opening IE compatibility mode in Edge and want to continue the habit of using web service in the past, the program content capability and IE plug-in service capability set is the same, this program operation is more tedious, it is recommended that customers take this program as an alternative.


b) Installation method

The installation process of this solution is as follows

Attachment: How to enable IE compatibility mode on Microsoft Edge

Front and back-end support

Till now only part of our devices support this solution, requires Windows 11, Edge browser version 89+, please check 3rd part of this document for more details.



3 Comparison of IE plug-in services, local services and  services without plug-in capability

The following table is a comparison of the basic set of capabilities of the web services currently supported by the device, local services and IE plug-in services support the same functions, applicable to the applicable scenarios with high requirements for video services, compared to no plug-in services support many less functions, applicable to the HD preview, playback without strong demand for the use of scenarios. Capability comparison and support list of Hikvision product please see the following table:


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