Insider Threats Pose Security Concerns for Organisations

Insider Threats Pose Security Concerns for Organisations

Insiders can create security concerns for organizations and the Security magazine article, “Insider Threats: An Underestimated Risk,” overviews potential insider threats and how to address them.


From the article: “Working to prevent insider cyber threats involves careful monitoring of the company’s network, seeing what information has been downloaded and determining whether information has been downloaded to external sites. The trick is to strike the right balance of monitoring and privacy to sustain some level of employee confidentiality. Usually, a clear policy of network monitoring helps alleviate any [security] concerns.”


The author recommends a few ways to defend against insider threats, including:

  • Ensure there is a chain of custody for critical data. Using an automated solution can trigger alerts when unauthorized access occurs.
  • Minimize the risk of someone being able to use another person’s login credentials to access a system by implementing two-factor authentication.

Read more here.


Hikvision’s cybersecurity director, Chuck Davis, recently authored a blog about multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a method to reduce security concerns. “MFA adds two or more pieces of verifiable evidence or factors to the authentication process to greatly reduce security concerns by lowering the chances of an account being accessed by the wrong person. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a subset of MFA and is a means of authenticating with just two pieces of verifiable evidence or factors,” said Davis, in the article. Visit this link to read more.

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