Hikvision's Tips to Identify Phishing and Spear Phishing Emails

Hikvision's Tips to Identify Phishing and Spear Phishing Emails

The threat landscape is changing, and insider threats are the cause of recent security concerns such as breaches, according to the article by Security magazine, “Insider Threat: How to Properly Govern Identities & Identify Nefarious Actors.”


From the article: “An identity program is essential to the modern cybersecurity strategy. Prevention and detection of insider threats should be at the top of [the] list in any organization as the insider can represent the most nefarious vulnerability to enterprise systems and data and for the most part mask their actions as usual business tasks.”


Tips from the article to prevent insider threats include:

  • Institute proper controls for roles, policy and risk access for employees.
  • Manage access throughout the lifecycle of account access. “During the onboarding process, new employees and contractors should be granted access to the systems and data they need for efficiency but not overloaded. Access to systems and data should be granted with a “least privilege” model and additional access should be on an as-needed basis,” from the article.


Hikvision offers its insights into insider threats in this blog, “Insider Threats Pose Security Concerns for Organizations.”


To prevent hacks, help your employees learn to identify phishing emails from these two Hikvision blogs:

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