Step 1: Sign Up To the Hikvision Training Portal

Please fully complete the sign up form with your own details, an automatic email titled 'LearnUpon Confirmation instructions' will be sent to your inbox. Once you have received this, click on the link in the email to confirm your new Hikvision training centre account which will take you to your training welcome page.


Step 2: Choose a Course

On the Training Centre portal, there is a drop-down menu at the top left. Click on the menu and select the 'Catalogue' option. You will be presented with a list of dates of all available courses in Uxbridge, Manchester & Glasgow. You can browse through the pages, or you can search for a course via the search icon in the top right. It is also possible to filter the courses by location using the drop-down menu on the left-hand side. Once you have chosen a course to select the red 'enrol' button.  You are now booked onto your chosen course.

Please come along and join us on as many courses as you require by following the same enrolment process for each course. 


Step 3: Attend the Course

Once you have received your confirmation you are ready to attend your course. Please ensure you arrive with plenty of time to allow us to start your course on time.

Direction details to your training centre can be found on the training course confirmation email.

Throughout your course you will have the opportunity to get “hands-on” with Hikvision equipment, please be prepared to take plenty of notes with the stationary provided. You will have plenty of time during the breaks to answer emails and return telephone calls.


Before booking the course, please ensure you understand and agree with the T&Cs

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Our courses are often over-subscribed. Out of courtesy to other potential trainees, if you are unable to attend, please email us and cancel the booking as early as possible to allow others to book the course.

- If a trainee does not show up without cancellation 3 days in advance, the trainee will not be allowed to book another training course in the following 3 months.

- If the same trainee rebooks after 3 months and fails to turn up again, the trainee will not be allowed to book another training course in the following 6 months. uses strictly necessary cookies and related technologies to enable the website to function. With your consent, we would also like to use cookies to observe and analyse traffic levels and other metrics and tailor our website’s content. For more information on cookie practices please refer to our cookie policy.

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