Hikvision Store Solution is a package using Hikvision’s self-developed VMS software to manage your existing or new business, including Security Surveillance, Access Control, Video IntercomIntrusion DetectionANPR and more.

  • Mask Detection: Identify whether an individual is wearing a mask and prompt them if required.
  • Density Control: Provides real-time guidance for queueing customers with audible announcements.
  • Loss Prevention: Set up shoplifter alerts.
Checkout Tills
  • HD Video Surveillance: Monitor the cashier area and provide sales related video footage.
  • Search by Keyword: Highly adaptive to most POS machines. Quick evidence retrieval by sales key word.
Car Park
  • ANPR: Time-based vehicle number analysis, vehicle overstaying alarms and vehicle parking duration reports enable easy and efficient vehicle management.
Shopping Area
  • Fisheye Camera: 360° panoramic monitoring with just one camera.
  • Heat Mapping: In-depth understanding of customer in-store distribution for product layout optimisation.
Stock Room
  • Access Control Terminal: Only allow access to authorized personnel and record all entries.
  • Intrusion Detection: Detect movement and get real-time notifications allowing users to know what’s happening and take quick actions.

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