You could be exploring new restaurants, shops, showrooms, gyms or maybe your office and teams are expanding. That’s brilliant. But scaling up your business can sometimes scale up the size of your headaches, too.


What if there was one technology solution which not only made it simple to manage your video security system, it also centralises practical, smart applications giving your business the competitive edge?


There is. It’s called HikCentral for Small to Medium Businesses (HikCentral SMB) and it comes from the world leader in video security, Hikvision.


Here’s how it works.


  • View and control your video security from one or multiple sites, stores or offices in one place.

  • Stream video as you need it on your laptop, tablet or mobile.

  • Receive automatic alerts direct to your devices.

  • More video in less space because it is optimised for small business networks to store efficiently.

  • Simple search functionality so you can find the footage when you need it, quickly.
  • All-in-One Workstation with specially designed low cost license packages just for small & medium businesses in mind.

  • Keep IT costs down with easily understood, self-managed troubleshooting reports.

  • Free service for 3 years.

  • Free software technology updates for 3 years.

  • Simple to understand and easy to manage video security: that’s one less headache for you.
HikCentral_SMB_Solution_Infographic v2 (Web Exports)


Video Surveillance

  • 32 camera streams as standard

Alarm Intruder

  • Standard of 32 zones/alarm input.

Access Control

  • Manage who is in your building at any time.
  • Manage staff attendance records with ease.
  • 4 entry / exits are included in the standard package.

Access Control

  • Manage who is in your building at any time
  • Manage staff attendance records with ease
  • 8 entry / exits are included in the standard package

Watch how to set up Access Control, here.

Parking Management

  • Automatically recognise vehicle number plates
  • Control who can use your parking facilities
  • 4 ANPR camera licenses included and entrance and exit module enabled

Perimeter Protection

  • 2 radar unit licenses included

Video Intercom

  • Greet visitors and grant entry
  • Keep a record of who has visited and when
  • License to manage up to 8 indoor stations are included

VIP Customer Recognition

  • 2 facial recognition camera licenses

Temperature Screening & Face Mask Detection

  • HikCentral-P-Temp & Mask Module license included


Inclusive expansion license allows more channel resources and functional modules (terms and conditions apply, please refer to specification).




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