How Hik-ProConnect can help you make the most of the Cloud

How Hik-ProConnect can help you make the most of the Cloud


March 1, 2021 – Cloud services are increasingly popular, allowing users to take advantage of the potential for remote working and the way it offers almost limitless virtual storage space. Here we look at the way Hik-Pro-Connect can offer installers and integrators a simple and effective cloud storage option for customers.


Hikvision’s Hik-ProConnect is at the forefront of security and business cloud offerings, and Hik-ProConnect Cloud Storage provides users with the ability to simply and easily back up video, search and play back remotely.


With Hik-ProConnect Cloud Storage, integrators can offer multiple subscription package options, retaining video in the cloud for 7 or 30 days as needed on a monthly or annual contract. The payment process is quick and simple online, with prominent activation or renewal dates and reminder prompts. Users can be shown clearly the makeup of their package, which devices it includes, and link to a purchase page to expand their system as desired, streamlining the sales process for integrators.


Devices can easily be added to the Cloud storage system, configuring the quality of stored video for cameras, and defining which types of video events should be stored, such as motion detection, line crossing, or intrusion.


Network detection tools automatically recommend upload video quality to preserve bandwidth. Integrators can even enable a new device to inherit the Cloud service from a superseded model.



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