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Many critical facilities and assets such as farmlands, waterways, and fish ponds are located in rural and hard-to-reach areas and require remote protection. These installations face many challenges – from power supplies to internet connection and beyond. 


Here, Hikvision offers multiple solutions for standalone site security and protection. These solutions integrate powerful security cameras such as solar-powered and low power consumption cameras, reliable wireless data transmission, and efficient management platforms, providing high quality, economical, and wide-ranging video security. Making standalone site management flexible, reliable and sustainable. 

  • Wireless scenario without electricity
  • Wireless scenario with electricity

Solar-powered camera setups provide efficient and reliable video-based protection

  • 4G solar-powered camera features low power consumption mode with continuous and stable power supply
  • Reliable data transmission via 4G modules or wireless bridges, resolving pain points around internet wiring
  • Easy installation to improve efficiency and reduce manual cost 
  • Efficient alarm management and nighttime video-based protection supported by ColorVu and AcuSense technologies

Increased security efficiency and reduced costs via 4G low-power cameras and wide-angle cameras

  • Reduced power consumption and costs via low-power consumption cameras 
  • Support for long-range wireless data transmission - no need to build the wired data transmission network, saving installation and maintenance costs 
  • Wide coverage video-based protection for standalone sites, providing the big picture and details at the same time
  • Less omission of critical events even for areas without internet wiring 

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