Video recorders and data analyzers

With built-in analytics, Hikvision's Network Video Recorders (NVRs) provide advanced artificial intelligence capabilities for any connected data stream, even those from conventional security cameras. Empowered by AI chips and high-precision algorithms, Hikvision NVRs combine high-efficiency video recording with abundant options for data analytics. These advanced NVRs bring powerful applications to a variety of users with diverse requirements.

hikvision nvr

All-around protection of video data

Rest assured of Hikvision NVRs’ high system stability and data availability with:


  • Data protection through Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID), Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR), N+1 or N+M hot spare, and cloud storage
  • Enhanced cybersecurity with two-factor authentication and user access control
  • Dual operating systems run on embedded Linux kernel
  • Extended device life and data corruption prevention through hard-drive health monitoring


camera nvr

Easier-than-ever data management

Data management becomes centralized and easy with Hikvision NVRs serve as a management hub for valuable data from various edge devices including access control, alarm sensors, network, thermal, and solar-powered cameras, and more. 


Management is simplified using:


  • A user-friendly interface
  • Flexible access with PCs or mobile devices
  • Quick connection with front-end devices

Extensive data applications with AI

Hikvision NVRs boost accuracy and efficiency in a series of automated applications, such as:

Get Hikvision 5-year warranty

Hikvision's 5-year warranty support comes free of charge, automatically applied upon purchase of Hikvision NVRs. Users will also benefit from Hikvision’s global service network and a stable supply chain of materials and components.

NVR spotlights

Hikvision NVRs play a crucial role in recording, storing, and managing video footage in modern security camera systems. Featuring in advanced network integration, high-definition recording, and intelligent video data analytics, Hikvision NVRs provide effective and reliable video security solutions. Here are some featured products.


Hikvision NVR comes in different series, such as Pro, Ultra, DeepinMind, Value, Special series and Pro Series with AcuSense, catering to various application scenarios. Our NVRs are built with high-quality components to ensure the reliability of devices and the whole Network Video Recorder System, while also prioritizing user experience with simplified operation processes. Choose the NVR series below that perfectly fits your needs for a seamless and reliable security solution.

Pro sorozat AcuSense technológiával

Automatically analyze and identify persons and vehicles from video streams

Ultra sorozat

Superior storage and robust recording with advanced technologies

Value sorozat

A cost-effective choice with easy installation, management and maintenance  

Pro sorozat (mind)

Advanced codecs for highly effective bandwidth and storage management

DeepinMind sorozat

Industry-leading deep-learning algorithms to make sense of every bit of data

Special sorozat

Pre-installed Windows or Linux OS to facilitate integration

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