Hikvision All-in-one Indoor Station takes a whole new approach to security. Along with video intercom, it also serves as a home or office management center featuring visualized interfaces. With the built-in Hik-Connect App, users will enjoy the simple control and flexible linkage among various Hikvision devices. And it’s all managed with a simple tap on the touchscreen! What’s more, it features easy integration with third-party Android applications, adding new levels of convenience for users.

How it works

Key benefits


All-in-one management


With Hik-Connect built into the indoor station, all Hikvision devices – IP cameras, NVRs, intrusion alarm, video intercom, and more – along with systems including access control, intercom, and video monitoring, can be managed and monitored easily. What’s more, users can easily check device and network status, battery, and environmental temperature, with everything on one screen. 


Convenient operation


The indoor station is usually fixed in place at an entrance gate or other convenient location, putting the system within easy reach – even when you don’t have your smartphone with you. Users can complete daily operations conveniently with just a tap when entering or exiting, including:


  • Camera live view and playback
  • Locking/unlocking doors remotely
  • Arming/disarming the alarm system
  • Checking monitoring status
  • Receiving intercom calls

Easy integration with Android applications


With the embedded Android system, the indoor station features easy integration with third-party applications. Beyond Hik-Connect, users can choose to install up to two more Android Apps on the indoor station, and enjoy convenient operation with visualized interfaces.

Product showcase


DS-KH9310-WTE1/ DS-KH9510-WTE1


Selectable product specifications

  • DS-KH9310: 7-inch TFT touch screen, 1024 x 600
  • DS-KH9510: 10-inch IPS touch screen, 1024 x 600

Android system

  • Supports Android app installation
  • Open platform for third-party software integration

Built-in Hik-Connect app

For all-in-one management of Hikvision’s devices including

  • Video intercom devices
  • Intrusion alarm devices
  • Video security devices
  • Access control devices

Application scenarios