What is eDVR?

Hikvision Energy-efficient Digital Video Recorder

To reduce your cost of living and minimize environmental pollution, making smart energy choices is crucial. Here comes Hikvision's all-new eDVR Series – a huge leap forward in essential power efficiency, a significant advancement in the DVR system.

Thanks to Hikvision's embedded solid state drive technology, this energy-efficient eDVR Series offers extended durability and comparable or superior quality compared to traditional DVRs, elevating every user experience. Powered by Motion Detection 2.0 or AcuSense, Hikvision eDVR series also provides a new level of convenience and simplicity for users to search video footage.

Get the confidence that comes with energy-efficient, cost-saving and reliable data storage. Read on to find the eDVR Series that best suits your workflow.

What makes Hikvision eDVR series different?

Eco-friendly and energy-efficient

Thanks to advanced eSSD technology, the eDVR Series consumes less power than traditional DVRs, delivering both economic and environmental advantages. 

  • The energy consumption of an eDVR can be as minimal as 5.42 to 5.82 Watts, while A conventional DVR generally uses about 9.48 to 11 Watts. 
  • Users enjoy per-device energy savings of 40 - 45 kWh per year (equal to 3,000 smartphone charges)
  • Further underscoring Hikvision's commitment to sustainability, the eDVR packaging materials are biodegradable, demonstrating Hikvision's extensive efforts toward a greener footprint.

An embedded solid state drive

The embedded solid state drive delivers industrial-level storage for video monitoring with sustained performance.

Users save money and time – no HDD installation necessary – and enjoy better DVR performance with extended capacities.

  • The “screwless” design makes tool-free installation possible
  • Reduces setup time by up to 70%
hikvision edvr

A DVR that’s more durable than ever

If you're looking for rugged, reliable storage with long service life, the eDVR series has it.

  • The eSSD’s structure increases its physical stability even in extreme operating conditions
  • More resistant to impacts and vibration
  • Extended service life and less maintenance
  • The eSSD’s durability has been confirmed by JEDEC (Global Standards for the Microelectronics Industry) through stress testing equivalent to 10 years of use
hikvision digital video recorder

Efficient video analytics

Our eDVRs feature Motion Detection 2.0 or AcuSense, which enables human and vehicle detection with accurate alarms.

By minimizing false alarms triggered by insignificant moving objects such as animals and falling leaves, users can focus on real threats. It's cost-effective and time-saving without losing important details.  

AcuSense Motion Detection 2.0
dvr system

Make the most of your storage

An eDVR’s storage is predictable thanks to Hikvision’s Scene-Adaptive Bitrate Control technology. How does that help?

Here's an example: When an eDVR analyzes a high-complexity scene, it accurately allocates a higher bitrate to ensure great video quality. A scene with fewer moving objects, or none at all, will generate a stream with a much lower bitrate.

  • Coding efficiency improves by 20%
  • Multiple storage periods are available, including 2-, 4-, and 8-week recordings 
hikvision edvr

One compact size fits all

The highly compact eDVR fits virtually anywhere. It can even be held in the palm of your hand!

It’s easy to set up in your workplace or home office. Place the eDVR just about anywhere, even tight spaces. When it's running, you will hardly notice it’s there. And when you need to access it, no heavy lifting is required.

Termék bemutatása

Hikvision Turbo HD eDVRs offer a diverse selection of models to meet various security requirements, ranging from 4-channel eSSD DVRs to 8-channel DVRs and beyond. The eDVR series encompass a wide range of solutions with advanced features and reliability, making it a preferred choice for various security applications. Explore further by selecting a specific DVR model below.

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