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Hikvision's Smart Retail Solution digs into retailers' essential needs and untapped demands, and empowers them with unparalleled capabilities to Connect, Protect, and Perceive for smart, fluid security management and business operations. Hikvision's retail solution caters to businesses that may vary in size but share the need for smarter operations, better security, and more insightful business. 

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Connected retail stores with smart retail solutions

Connect stores and align management

Connected stores, powered by Hikvision's Smart Retail Solution, not only have the ability for high-level security but also can leverage standards across branches to build brand and protect profits.

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Asset protection for retail industry

Protect your customers, staff, and assets

Hikvision's Smart Retail Solution energizes businesses with cutting-edge technologies and prioritizes the protection of your customers, staff, and assets.

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 Visual interaction for better shopping experience

Engage and convert customers with HD visuals

Activate brilliant visual interaction with your customers at just the right times and in just the right places to elevate their shopping experience and maximize your sales.

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Data insights for retail management

Optimize operations with data insights

Based on Hikvision's AI-powered video technology, you can make full use of valuable data collected from your stores, and then utilize that data for actionable intelligence.

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Better sales performance with data visualization

Data visualization

Hikvision's Smart Retail Solution features an all-inclusive dashboard to present perceived data in an intuitive, visualized way. The dashboard equips operations teams with a bird's eye view and multidimensional analytics. Visualized data can facilitate virtually instant optimization for better sales performance!

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