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Hikvision's Visitor Management Solution provides a vastly improved experience for users and guests while protecting personnel and property. This application integrates to build a comfortable and safe working place in a multitude of settings. Read on to learn how this Hikvision technology can work for you.  

Ajánlott megoldás

  • Receptionist service
  • Self service

Quick check-in and convenient access


  • Guests and visitors can quickly check in, with no need to wait in a line at reception.
  • Visitors can easily access rooms and doors within permitted areas.
  • Visitors are prevented from secretly bringing in dangerous items or removing anything that does not belong to them.
  • Unwelcome persons can be restricted from entering.

Saves your labor costs


  • Reduces the labor costs involved in receiving business partners, guests, visitors, deliveries, and more.
  • Streamlines the visiting process and frees up administrative resources.
  • Makes an impression on visitors with its modern, touch-screen system.

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