What’s ColorVu Technology?

When it comes to ensuring security and safety, seeing every detail is critical – especially in low light conditions.


Hikvision’s industry-leading ColorVu technology captures high-quality, full-color video 24/7 which enables businesses and homeowners to protect people and property at night with the same sharp rendering as in daylight.


For a broad range of security scenarios, ColorVu technology empowers a diverse set of products and solutions to meet users’ growing needs. Read on to learn more. 

How does ColorVu technology work?

ColorVu technology’s powerful ability to capture details in low lighting emerges from three specific breakthroughs:

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  • Cutting-edge hardware

  • · Super large F1.0 aperture

  • · Advanced sensor

  • Super-high reliability

  • · Active alignment technology

  • Guarantees superlative quality control and focusing performance in the mass production of ultra-high-definition ColorVu-enabled products.
  • State-of-the-art image processing

  • · Pioneering ISP technology

  • Generates precise color to reveal clear, vivid images
  • · Up to 130 dB WDR

  • Cutting-edge Hardware

    •Super large F1.0 aperture
  • •Advanced sensor
  • Super-high Reliability

    •Active alignment technology
  • Guarantees focusing performance in the mass production of ultra HD ColorVu-enabled cameras, providing good quality control.
  • State-of-the-art Image Processing

    •Pioneering ISP technology
  • Enables precise color rendition
  • •Up to 130 dB WDR
  • Guarantees imaging performance in various lighting conditions

What does ColorVu make possible?

The whole scene in vivid color

Hikvision’s panoramic cameras with ColorVu harness pioneering pixel-level image registration technology with Hikvision’s image fusion algorithm to stitch together a 180-degree horizontal field of view, delivering brilliant and seamless panoramas with more lively details. Wide-area security footage helps improve situational awareness and reduces the number of cameras required for comprehensive monitoring, aiding cost efficiency.

Zoom in with vivid color

Varifocal cameras adapt to various scenarios by changing the camera’s focal length. Hikvision’s Varifocal Cameras with ColorVu are designed with a large, fixed F1.0 aperture, which guarantees image brightness while the camera zooms in or out. 

Capture richer, more colorful details

ColorVu-enabled cameras render vivid color images in dim light, even down to 0.0005 lux – that’s the same lighting as a moonless, starlit night. This incredible capability to intensify minimal ambient light is achieved through two advanced features:


  • F1.0 Super Aperture – Capturing as much light as possible for the sensor
  • 1/1.2” Large Sensor – Maximizing the use of available light
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Smarter protection all around

Combining ColorVu technology with AcuSense, cameras are able to capture human & vehicle targets with vivid color. Connected to Hikvision’s back-end products, users will enjoy improved details in video playback and more efficient footage searches.


AcuSense-powered Motion Detection 2.0 distinguishes human beings and vehicles from other objects in any given environment, focusing on real security threats and enabling efficient video searches. Models equipped with Live Guard deter trespassers with visual and auditory warnings while sending notifications to users remotely.

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Night vision performance comparison

Cameras with ColorVu vs. Conventional cameras


Watch this video to see how round-the-clock performance of ColorVu cameras compares to conventional security cameras. 

Where can I use ColorVu?


When combining with other Hikvision's advanced technologies, ColorVu drives innovation to amazing levels, enabling ever more powerful capabilities to tackle common security concerns in residential areas, office buildings, parking lots, and many more.

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  • Lakóövezeti
  • Small Business
  • Parkolók
  • Parkok

Combining ColorVu technology with Live Guard, cameras are able to deter trespassers with visual and auditory warnings while sending notifications to users remotely. It provides proactive protection day and night where incidents or accidents occur and illuminate dark areas to improve safety for tenants and visitors. 


Enjoy high quality imaging with “ColorVu+ 4K” enabled cameras which capture richer, more colorful details.Users can monitor entrances and exits as well as dimly-lit interior and exterior areas where theft or other crimes occur – dark hallways, dumpster areas, and loading docks. 


Hikvision’s Varifocal Cameras with ColorVu guarantee image brightness while the camera zooms in or out. And there is no need for additional lighting to capture high-quality, full-color images. All these features reduce costs and ensure detailed imagery – such as the color of a person’s clothing or the color of a car – and everything is recorded for forensic review when necessary.


Hikvision’s panoramic cameras with ColorVu deliver brilliant and seamless panoramas with more lively details. 


Strategically placed these cameras in wide areas such as walkways, play areas, and exercise areas helps improve situational awareness and reduces the amount of cameras required for comprehensive monitoring, aiding cost efficiency.

Which products come equipped with ColorVu?

Hikvision builds its flagship technology, ColorVu, into the majority of its product lines, from entry-level to advanced models. Click a product category below to find out more.

Pro sorozat ColorVu technológiával

With a large F1.0 aperture and advanced sensor, Hikvision Pro series cameras with ColorVu produce colorful and sharp videos with clear details in most scenarios. A zéró fényerejű környezetekhez a kamerát fehér fényforrással látták el, amely színes videók készítését teszi lehetővé.

Turbo HD kamerák ColorVu technológiával

With the new ColorVu Technology, Turbo HD cameras with ColorVu render clear images at 0.0005 lux, providing critical monitoring in ultra low-light scenarios. Ezzel a technológiával a kamerák éjjel-nappal lehetővé teszik az élénk színes képalkotást.

Jobb vizuális élmény


Balanced brightness
F1.0 super aperture and advanced sensor guarantee realistic rendering

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