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HikCentral Professional – Hikvision's security management software  – helps professionals meet a variety of security challenges on a single platform. With HikCentral Professional, you will manage multiple individual systems with ease, such as video security, access control, alarm detection, and more, explore cross-system functionalities, and optimize your day-to-day security and operations for a variety of scenarios. 

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A HikCentral Professional a Hikvision integrált biztonsági rendszerekhez készült szoftvere, amelyet arra terveztek, hogy szembe nézzen számos különböző biztonsági kihívással egyetlen intuitív platformon keresztül. Lehetőséget nyújt különálló rendszerek, például videómegfigyelési rendszerek, hozzáférés-vezérlés, biztonsági riasztások és számos más rendszer kezelésére, valamint több rendszer kombinálására egy egységes architektúrán belül. A személyek és tulajdonok védelme mellett hatékonyabbá teszi a napi tevékenységeket, valamint segít minden felhasználónak az okosabb döntések meghozatalában.

Key advantages

A unified security system that enhances management operations

Personalize your own security system

Visualized systems, data, and maintenance

Easy to deploy and use

A unified security system that enhances management operations

Built over a truly unified architecture, the software provides connected and interactive applications to enhance your operational efficiency – for example, an intrusion alarm and access control with video verification, or perhaps visitor control with pre-registration of vehicles, and much more. By tapping into multiple sub-systems, it extends users’ awareness and empowers them with optimized management approaches.

Personalize your own security system


  • Whatever your role, be it manager, decision maker, HR staff, receptionist, security, or maintenance staff, the software will help you get prepared with pre-set modes. What's more, the software also allows you to customize your own system with the applications you need based on the scenarios you are in.
  • Moreover, users can create their own control panel based on their specific duties and routines, enhancing awareness and empowering them with custom, optimized management approaches.
A unified security system that enhances management operations

Visualized systems, data, and maintenance


  • Data collected from various applications becomes easy to understand via dynamic reports and helpful, intuitive dashboards
  • A personalized management and operations dashboard displays the information you need most. Also, an interactive and intuitive e-map enables you to locate and handle incidents quickly
A unified security system that enhances management operations

Easy to deploy and use


  • Minimum system requirements for HikCentral Professional: i3, 8 GB RAM 
  • Smooth system operation even in low bandwidth environments powered by network adaptation technology 
  • Operation guidance wizard
  • Easily integrates and empowers other Hikvision devices

Major applications

Versatile applications cover a broad range of business needs 

Diverse business applications to choose from, satisfying all kinds of common business scenarios


Lightweight solutions for diverse scenarios

Improve daily security and operations with ready-to-go solutions

  • In-store BI solution
  • Route management
  • Guard patrol

Data-driven operations have become increasingly important in the retail industry. This solution aims to help businesses collect multidimensional data offline to sharpen business insights and facilitate daily operations.


  • Manage multiple branches on a unified platform and enjoy easy configuration by following the wizard guide
  • Help store managers better evaluate and understand customer traffic flow with accurate walk-in-rate analysis 
  • Level up store layouts to increase sales opportunities with area-popularity analysis and heat map analysis, providing a global or area-specific map of your store
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by reducing customer waiting times via queue analysis and store manager notifications
  • Improve operational evaluations and discover insightful data with intuitive dashboards and diverse BI reports, including single or multi-store reports, store comparison reports, and promotion day reports

Empowered by fusing AI and IoT technologies, this solution aims to help ensure transportation safety, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.


  • Help improve planned routes and schedules. With a visualized route monitoring panel, operators can see the status of each site and contact drivers in case of events
  • Reduce transportation costs with detailed oil volume records to quickly locate leaks and reduce oil theft
  • Comprehensive driver performance evaluation, based on on-time rates, fuel consumption, abnormal driving behavior analysis, and more

Inefficient patrol schedule management and proxy patrolling can mean headaches for security managers. This solution aims to make guided patrols more convenient and efficient.

  • Easy & efficient patrol schedules and route design on a visualized control panel
  • Convenient patrolling & real-time event upload via mobile app, with all patrolling data automatically uploaded and saved on HikCentral Professional
  • Comprehensive patrolling performance evaluation by regularly checking multi-dimensional patrolling reports
  • Ensuring patrolling regulations and reducing proxy patrol with automatic alarms sent to the management staff

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  • See how the software works perfectly to manage Hikvision devices.
  • Start using the software to manage all your Hikvision devices and explore more!
  • Online demo

  • Free trial license

  • Online Demo

    See how the software works perfectly to manage Hikvision devices.
  • Free trial license

    Start using the software to manage all your Hikvision devices and explore more!

More features

Quick positioning of events

Count frequently occurring events and provide video evidence, quickly targeting potential risks

Customizable storage solution

Variable, extensible storage solution based on circumstances and project conditions

Super-fast viewing experience

Smooth timeline scaling and quick locating of targeted video clips using mouse scroll wheel

Trustable security anywhere

Highly efficient alarm notifications and double checking enhanced by video verification

Integration & Partnership

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