Mi jelenti a kihívást?

Az oktatási intézmények biztosítják a fiataloknak a gyarapodásukhoz szükséges eszközöket. Egyre fontosabbá válik a diákok és a személyzet biztonságának megőrzése az oktatási környezetben. A kampuszon telepített biztonsági rendszerek azonban napjainkban is számos kihívással néznek szembe.


  • Absence of campus violence and lack of staff for security management
  • Unbalanced education resource distribution and lack of diversity in teaching methods
  • Low efficiency in information releasing
  • New requirement including temperature screening

Explore the main benefits of our solution

And here is where Hikvision comes in. Hikvision provides a full range of selected functions that suit a wealth of needs – for kindergartens, for grade schools, for universities. Kínálatunkban minden szerepel.


One platform, centralized management

HikCentral Enterprise


HikCentral Enterprise Series is platform software designed to suit the needs of four common vertical industries: education, commercial buildings, retail, and industrial parks. With video as the core competency, the HikCentral Enterprise Series boasts a combination of IoT technology,  AI, big data analysis, and more, meeting management needs of enterprises with unified and smart applications. What’s more, as an open platform, HikCentral Enterprise can be easily integrated with other third-party systems.

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Check out the main benefits of our solution

  • Biztonságos kampusz

    Ensures students, parents, and administrators can enjoy a secured and serene learning environment.
  • Education Sharing

    Empower a better education with remote online classroom, and open course and course sharing.
  • Classroom Management

    Both teachers and students will enjoy new technologies empowering school management and teaching activities.

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