Hikvision License Activation

Thanks for activating/deactivating Hikvision software license by offline mode.

Hikvision license management system has been upgraded overall. The newly released software versions including HikCentral Professional V1.6 and HikCentral Enterprise-Commercial V1.1 support new license management inherently and please use Entrance A for offline activation/deactivation.

For old version software including Professional V1.5, iVMS-5200E and customization software, we will release license patch to upgrade the license management of these versions.

After patch installed,  please use Entrance A for offline activation/deactivation;

If no patch installed,  please use Entrance B for offline activation/deactivation;

Entrance A : https://license.hikvision.com:8443/#/active
Applicable to HikCentral Enterprise v1.1, HikCentral Pro v1.5.1 and above, HikCentral Master, pStor v1.4.1 and above, iVMS-5200 Mobile v1.1.4 baseline maintenance version, and other version with license patch installed.

Entrance B: https://www.hikvision.com/en/support/vms-license-management/
Applicable to HikCentral Enterprise v1.0 without license patch, HikCentral Pro v1.5.0 and below without license patch, pStor v1.4.0 and below, iVMS-5200 Enterprise, iVMS-5200 Professional, iVMS-5200 Mobile v1.1.3 and below, 8600, HikCentral Cloud.

Megjegyzés: If the response file is 0KB, please try to use another entrance to get response file again.


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